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Our 14th biennial reunion will be held in

Albuquerque, NM on   9 - 12  Oct 2016 at the Marriot 'ABQ Sun Van' Hotel
For reservations please call Erin Rogers, sales manager, at
505-881-6800  / 505-837-6656 (Direct Line) .

 The Airport Shuttle Sun Van (505) 883–4966.  $15 OW/ $28 RT

Bonnie Morehardt    352-598-2142

The Reunion cost is $125.00.  This will cover the fixed costs such as: Hospitality room, Banquet room and the Banquet.
Click either link to open the Reunion Reservations and T-Shirt order form.
SAT2016reunionT-shirts.xps  or  SAT2016reunionT-shirts.pdf


The Hospitality Room will be open throughout your stay

Sun Oct 9      6 PM   Arrival Day Reception/ Drinks & Appetizers
Mon Oct 10               Free time.  Explore on your own

Tue  Oct 11      6 PM   Poolside Reception/ Appetizers and Cash Bar.  The Banquet to follow with former USAF Chief of Staff Gen Folgelman as Guest Speaker.

Carved Prime Rib
Tuscany Chicken Alfredo
New Mexican Cheese & Chicken Enchiladas/Red & Green Chile
Rosemary Red Potatoes
Season Squash
Greek Salad
Chef's Selection of Desserts
Cash Bar

Wed Oct 12        Departure Day







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